The Science of Medicine and the Art of Healing Collaborative Painting Gift

from Lincoln’s ISC to Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

The students of Lincoln had the chance to create a collaborative work of art inspired by the artists Jennifer Mark of Open Eye Art and Traci Broughton of Cannonball Art.   O.C.O.M. brought in two of their volunteer students  to paint and help shed light on the many facets of Asian Medicine. Before the Lincoln's International Studies Students could paint on the large piece that had to first learn some interesting facts about Oriental medicine and some of its ancient practices. The large format art piece  incorporates spontaneous painting and drawing inspired by the student’s new found knowledge. This unique collaborative painting will be acknowledged at one of O.C.O.M.’s upcoming opening ceremonies in the fall of 2012. The art piece will be a gift to O.C.O.M  from the Lincoln High School International Studies Center students and Open Eye Art. The piece is currently being finished at Jennifer Mark's studio . The new painting should be hung at the beautiful new Chinatown college this fall.

"The students really put a lot of thought into the meaning behind their images. When they get to see their work of art being appreciated at the College,  I am hoping they will have an open mind for artistic collaborations  in the future." Jennifer Mark

 “Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.Malcom Forbes    

Founded in Portland, Oregon in 1983, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) is one of the oldest Chinese medicine colleges in the United States. OCOM trains master’s and doctoral students, the school conducts research and treats patients at clinics on campus and in the community. Its Oriental Medicine academic programs are among the most comprehensive in the country. Since its inception it has consistently been recognized as a national leader in education and advocacy in traditional Chinese medicine.

 This past May, OCOM took a big step in purchasing the historic Globe Hotel (old Import Plaza) in downtown Portland.  OCOM has been engaged in transforming the historic 100-year-old building into a LEED Gold certified, state-of-the-art campus.  The new centrally located campus is brilliantly designed in accordance with the Chinese principles of feng shui.

 Photos from Arts Beat 2012 

Artist Jenny Mark 

 Artist Michelle Mark


 Artist Traci Broughton (far right) working with students


 Volunteer student from OCOM teaching LHS students about Chinese Medicine


The Process: Learning, Sketching, Painting  


LHS students, Edward Chen and Penn Armstrong

LHS student, Gabby Pereira