Arts Beat ASIA 2012 - Projects, Artists and Performers 

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 The Science of Medicine and the Art of Healing: Collaborative painting gift from Lincoln's ISC to Oregon College of Oriental Medicine


Site of Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in downtown Portland  

Project inspired by Artist Michael T. Hensley painting

Founded in Portland, Oregon in 1983, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) is one of the oldest Chinese medicine colleges in the United States. OCOM trains master’s and doctoral students, conducts research and treats patients at clinics on campus and in the community. Its academic programs are among the most comprehensive in the country. Since its inception it has consistently been recognized as a national leader in education and advocacy in traditional Chinese medicine.

This past May, OCOM took a big step in purchasing the historic Globe Hotel (old Import Plaza) in downtown Portland. OCOM has been engaged in transforming the historic 100-year-old building into a LEED Gold certified, state-of-the-art campus .  The new centrally located campus is brilliantly designed in accordance with the Chinese principles of feng shui. 

The students of Lincoln will have a chance to create a collaborative work of art inspired by Jennifer Mark of Open Eye Art and the artists, Traci Broughton and Michael T. Hensley. O.C.O.M. will be providing volunteer students from the college to help shed light on the many facets of Asian Medicine.  The large format art piece will incorporate spontaneous painting and drawing inspired by the student’s new found knowledge of Chinese medicinal herbs and practices. 

This unique collaborative painting will be acknowledged at one of O.C.O.M.’s upcoming opening ceremonies in the fall of 2012. The art piece will be a gift from the Lincoln High School International Studies Center students and Open Eye Art to O.C.O.M


Lincoln | OCOM Project led by Portland Artist, Jennifer Mark 

Jennifer Mark has been a professional working artist for over 30 years. Her limited editions and posters have been sold world wide through Global Fine Arts and Gango Editions. She has developed innovative technqiues in a vast array of artistic mediums. 

She has taught over 5,000 Portland Public school students the joys of watercolor painting as well as inspired adults. She is the founder of June Cleaver's Crafty Beavers DIY art group. 

She has designed posters for various national events including Portland's Rose Festival. Her artwork can be found on an array of international products from private reserve wine labels to limited edition fine art prints and as the illustrator for the ever-popular, Portland's Palate Cookbook. She has had extensive experience demonstrating and selling her paintings as a featured guest artist on Princess Cruise ships. She has the rare ability to create marketable art work while inspiring others to find their own artistic passions. 


Jennifer Mark 

Open Eye Art 



Brittany Newton 

Brittany began dancing at the age of eight and hasn’t stopped since! Taking tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, and lyrical classes at Encore Dance Studio, she quickly learned that the stage was her home. At the age of fourteen, she secured her first job as a Miss Oregon Dancer and taught her first class, falling in love with the art of teaching. In high school, she stayed very involved with dance and other performance aspects. Brittany was crowned Miss Clatsop County’s Outstanding Teen 2006, and choreographed three of the school’s musicals. The Seaside Pulse dance team brought her many accolades including the title of Captain, Most Valuable Dancer, and a spot on the Oregon State Athletics Association All-State Dance Team. Brittany attended Thunderbird Dance Camp with the team every summer, picking up trophies and medals, and returned as an assistant teacher after graduation. Brittany now attends Portland State University, as an Arts and Letters major and Dance minor. Through PSU she has performed in the Spring Choreographers Showcase and the Music Department’s opera, The Merry Widow. Brittany started taking Bollywood and Bhangra dance lessons her first year of college and is now the Assistant Instructor, Rehearsal Coordinator and Dance Troupe Lead for Bollywood Dreams Entertainment, teaching and performing up and down the west coast. Performances include the Roseland Theater with DJ Suketu, India’s number one Bollywood DJ, TEDx at Concordia University, and India Festival at Pioneer Square. She loves bringing the fun, cultural dance to audiences and watching people fall in love with Bollywood.


      Arabic Calligraphy

Mr. Kanaan’s background is both interesting and diverse. He was born and raised in Amman, Jordan, in a Palestinian refugee camp. An artist by training, Kanaan studied at the College of Fine Arts at Baghdad University prior to immigrating to the U.S. in 1994. After moving to Portland, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design from PSU 1999, and in 2006, earned his Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Mixed Media from Warnborough University in Ireland.

Mr. Kanaan’s work has been a continuation of his personal belief in using art to reach out to others, to heal and make connections. He believes as different as we are in color, ideology or our stands within political or social spectrums, we look beautiful together. His rich artwork pleasing to the eye reflects his message and creates a dialogue anchored in peace and beauty.

Kanaan’s artwork – which has received accolades from national and local media such as OPB’s “Art Beat,” the Oregonian, the Columbian and PBS’ “Newshour” – focuses on creating intelligent and thoughtful dialogue about similarities and differences of culture, language, tradition and faith: Anchored in peace and respecting our common humanity. 

Click here to view slideshow of Kanaan's artwork "Letters". 



Notan: the Japanese Art of Light and Dark 

Students will make a greeting card with a cut-out collaged design inspired by Notan.  The interaction of light and dark using white and black paper will create a dynamic design that resembles stenciling.

Project led by: Cindy Irby,  Visual Arts teacher at Lincoln for 23 years; Oregon Art Education Association 2008 Educator of the Year; ceramic artist and painter.



Chinese Calligraphy and Paper Cutting

Learn traditional paper cutting, a Chinese folk art practiced often around festivities such as weddings, anniversaries and the 

Chinese New Year. Want to see your name written in Chinese calligraphy? Come see the magic of paint, brush and paper 

come alive. 

Project led by Hong Mautz of Chinus Cultural Productions.





Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts, that teaches more than physical fighting skills. It is a discipline that shows ways of enhancing spirit and life through training our body and mind. 

Project led by Sir Chris Pfleiger 

Chris will be demonstrating self-defense movements as well breaking bricks with a blow of the hand. 

"Sir" (Chris) has been involved in the Martial Arts for over 35 years.  His unique background which includes competitive Taekwondo (multiple State Championships, and a National qualifier) Brazillian Jui Jitsu, Kenpo Karate, Aikido, Boxing, and Wrestling (as both a competitor and a High School Coach), gives him a ability to understand the many aspects of Mixed Martial Arts from a diverse perspective.

Chris provides lessons at True Character Taekwondo, located near West Sylvan Middle School. 



For centuries mehndi - the art of henna painting on the body - has been practiced in India, Africa and the Middle East where the henna plant is believed to bring love and good fortune and to protect against evil. Mehndi is traditionally practiced for wedding ceremonies, during important rites of passage and in times of joyous celebration. A paste made from the crushed leaves of the henna plant is applied to the skin and when removed several hours later, leaves beautiful markings on the skin.  



Japanese Origami 

Come fold origami cranes for our wishing tree! An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes, or Senbazuru,  will be granted a wish by a crane, such as long life,  recovery from illness or injury, a wish for a happy marriage, a new baby, or for more global wishes like world peace. Several Japanese temples, including some in Tokyo and Hiroshima, have eternal flames for World Peace. School groups or individuals often donate Sebazuru to these temples to add to the prayer for peace. The cranes are left exposed to the elements, slowly dissolving and becoming tattered as the wish is released. In this way, they are related to the prayer flags of India and Tibet.  We will be writing our own wishes for world peace on origami paper, folding them into cranes, and hanging them on our own wishing tree, which will later be installed at Lincoln or donated to a suitable location.

Project led by Cecily Patterson


 Japanese Mother's Day Collage Cards 

Learn to write Mother's Day (haha no hi) in Japanese Kanji or  Hiragana using ink & brush or sharpie. See examples. 

Use a variety of materials to create a unique Mother's Day collage card. 

Project led by Tatiana Pereira, Lincoln High School parent who lived in Tokyo from 1988-1991. 

The Japanese call Mother's Day haha no hi. In 1913, Japanese Christians were already celebrating it, based on the American practice. It grew steadily in popularity and in the 1930's it was especially prevalent. That changed during WWII when the practice was banned along with all other western customs.

After the war, however, the tradition was taken up again to help comfort to the Mothers who had lost children in the war. By 1949, the celebration of Mother's Day had again spread throughout the country. The Japanese began holding an art contest for children. The children would enter drawings of their Mothers, and the winning drawings would tour through Japan and other countries in an art exhibit celebrating Mothers and peace. This contest was held every four years.

Today the Japanese celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May. A family may prepare and enjoy traditional dishes that their mothers taught them to cook. The Japanese give their Mothers flowers (especially red carnations), scarves, handkerchiefs and handbags.


Video Mapping*, The Future of Art 


 *Video mapping is an art form that transforms three dimensional objects into explosions of color, movement and form. 

Project created by Lincoln freshman, Andrew Mark. 

Andrew will be presenting his Asian Inspired Video Project  synchronized with surround sound music. It will be an unforgettable multi-sensory experience that involves the senses of sight, sound and smell. 

Andrew Mark is a DJ/VJ that is currently delving into the world of "generative art" and "video mapping". Andrew will present a short video of what is going on around the world in the realm of "video mapping" on May 11 during International Arts Beat at Lincoln High School. 

Andrew will be available to answer any questions after each presentation. He will be sharing this experience every 30 minutes throughout the evening in one of the classrooms located near the cafeteria. 

Questions? Contact Andrew at