International Arts Beat is an annual spring event organized in collaboration with the International Studies Center (ISC) at Lincoln High School to promote an appreciation and understanding of the arts, culture and history from a particular region of the world. This event is open to students, parents and the community. 

What is International Studies Center (ISC)?

International Studies Center in an independent 4-year program open to all students at Lincoln. ISC aims to give students insight into global issues and cultures throughout their high school career; creating the next generation of informed global citizens and leaders. 

ISC gives students the ability to follow their passion and choose their path of study with a global focus. ISC enhances college applications and resumes and also gives an international perspective to core curricula. Becoming a part of ISC means becoming part of something greater than yourself. Students who are involved are able to make changes both locally and globally through their studies and volunteer work. 

For more information, please visit the ISC website: lhsisc.wordpress.com